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How I was Scammed... Almost

On the morning of June 9th, 2017, I was neck-deep in work, when I got a call on my phone. The call was a recording. It was a very official sounding gentleman who announced his name as Officer Craig Williams. He informed me that there was a warrant out for my arrest! I was given a toll-free number to call back on. I was horrified – as can be imagined – having never had a single police case against me in all my life!
Red Flag #1: The call came through on my cell phone which has been issued to me by the company I work for. The phones are handed out with numbers, but it is the company that is billed for them. In other words, this phone number is not registered to me.
Ref Flag #2: The RCMP will never call you to inform you that there is an arrest warrant out for you. They’ll show up at your doorstep – if need be. At this point, I was told to press 1 to continue. I pressed 1. A woman came on the line. She told me her name was Kimberley Sharron – who spoke (I am sorry to say – In an Indian/Sr…