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Google Buzz is a Buzz-kill!!

I've been following the Buzz on Google Buzz. If you have Gmail - you have Buzz. It creates a social network based on your email IDs and so on! 

I've always liked Google products. They come from a place of zero aesthetic value and yet highly functional. I do use all the rest of the Google products. And I really like Gmail - simple, efficient, clean ... until I saw the little Google Buzz icon at the top of the page. 
But seriously - BUZZ?? Do i need another social networking tool? I have Myspace and Facebook and LinkedIn. Why do I need yet another one? Especially one that presumes to know HOW I want certain things organized in my life. Yes, email organization is something practically everybody does. 

WHAT on earth were people at Google thinking - or perhaps they were not. Maybe the reason people have different email accounts is because they WANT to keep some accounts separate? Like most people I have separate email accounts - for fun, for friends, for work, and for personal private…